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Havana gets Trash/Brush Collection

Trash dropped in container

The City of La Joya has an exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Connections of Texas – RGV to provide solid waste and brush collection services for all its residents and businesses.  Under this agreement, Waste Connections will begin providing these services in the Havana and northern La Joya areas on July 1, 2024.


La Joya Public Utility Department (PUD) customers with existing Waste Connection service are not affected.

Havana residents who have service with another collection company should contact them as soon as possible to cancel their collection services, which should be discontinued by June 30.


The City’s PUD has created a Utility Billing account for Havana residents using their name and address.  Havana residents may confirm that their information is correct by visiting our Online Portal (; contacting us (956.581.7002); or visiting our PUD office at City Hall.

La Joya PUD Online Portal QR Code
La Joya PUD Online Portal

The City’s PUD will issue Havana customers an invoice for Trash and Brush pickup monthly.  These invoices may be paid in person at City Hall or by using our Online Bill Portal.  Billing information which includes a Fire Protection Fee will be sent to Havana customers with their first invoice in July.  Havana customers do not need to make a payment at this time.


During the week of June 24, Waste Connections will deliver a containers to Havana residents.  They may begin depositing trash in it as soon as it is delivered.  Havana customers' first collection day will be Monday, July 1.  The Waste Connections Guidelines provide detailed information on proper placement of containers for collection.


For more information visit us at Public Utility Department or contact us at: 956.581.7002.  Thank you for helping keep La Joya clean.


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