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La Joya Fire Department response to brush fire

Fire/EMS Dept.

The La Joya Fire/EMS Department mission is to protect life and property.

Leroy Salinas

Fire Chief

Leroy Salinas has served as Fire Chief in several communities.  Salinas is a certified Firefighter by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP).  He is a native of La Joya, Texas.

Leroy Salinas

Department Description

Quick Facts

The La Joya Fire/EMS Department continues a proud legacy having started as a 100% Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) in 1989.  Today the Department boasts:

  • New $3.1 Million Fire Station (under construction)

  • Fire-Based EMS (1 of 6 in Rio Grande Valley)

  • Combination Career/Volunteer Department

The La Joya Fire/EMS Department's mission is to provide the very best fire, rescue and medical care to the citizens of La Joya, Texas, through fire prevention and fire suppression programs, fire, rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  We will be a key team player with citizens, local businesses and other government agencies working to maintain a proud community with a strong sense of safety and security and provide responsive services to the citizens by investing in training, education, staffing and equipment.  We will be dedicated and compassionate professionals, who recognize our greatest strength lies in our team approach.  We will be recognized as leaders in our profession and as community role models.

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Fire/EMS Services

Department Docs

More information regarding our Department.

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Department Forms

These forms will improve service delivery.  Download, complete and return.

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