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Help Conserve Water

Water Service Restored, but Conservation Still Needed.

Water from lawn hose

On Friday, May 24 our Public Utility Department (PUD) was able to restore water supply after repairing a leak on Leo Avenue and 6th Street. Due to the interruption of service, however, the PUD issued a boiled water as required by state regulations. The boiled water notice remains in effect until the state tests water samples on Tuesday, May 28. The City apologizes for any inconvenience during this time.

The PUD does remind customers that the we, like other cities in the region, remain under water conservation.  Please help us conserve water since the drought has left the Valley’s water supply from Falcon and Amistad at less than 20 percent.

La Joya PUD has implemented Stage 2: Moderate water conservation. Even number addresses may water lawns on Sunday morning (Midnight to 10:00 am) and evening (8:00pm to Midnight).  No customers may water on Monday, May 27 or Tuesday, May 28. Specifically:

  • Lawns: Hose sprinklers & automated sprinkler limited.  Hand-held hose/bucket anytime.

  • Vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, etc.:  Hand-held hose/bucket required.

  • Non-essential, sidewalks, driveways, buildings, etc.:  Prohibited.

  • Pools, Jacuzzi:  Same as Lawns.

  • Fountains, ponds, etc.:  Only with aquatic life; or with recirculation system.

  • Commercial Car Wash:  Normal operations.

  • Restaurants:  Water only if requested.

  • Hydrants:  Firefighting only.  Construction permits required.

For more information, contact our PUD at 956.581.7002.


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