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Tree Advisory Board

Chair, Pending election

Ordinance No. 2023-03

The Tree Advisory Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Public Works Director and shall:

(1)   Coordinate and promote Arbor Day activities;

(2)   Review and update a five-year plan to plant and maintain trees on city property;

(3)   Support public awareness and education programs relating to trees;

(4)   Review city department concerns relating to tree care;

(5)   Submit an annual report of its activities to the city council;

(6)   Assist with the annual application to renew the Tree City USA designation;

(7)   Recommend a list of tree species for planting on city property, and a list of prohibited species; and

(8) Perform other duties that may be assigned by City Council.

The City is in the process of applying for designation as a Tree City USA.

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