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Board of Adjustments

Chris Reyna, Chair

Local Government Code, Chapter 211: Municipal Zoning Authority

The Board of Adjustments (BOA) may authorize the following exceptions to regulations:

  1. Permit the reconstruction, extension or enlargement of a building occupied by nonconforming use on the lot or tract ...;

  2. Permit such modifications to the height, yard, area, coverage and parking regulations as may be necessary to secure appropriate development of a parcel of land which differs from other parcels in the district ...;

  3. Require the discontinuance of non-conforming use of land or structure under any plan whereby the full value of the structure and facilities can be amortized within a definite period of time ...; and

  4. Authorize in specific cases a variance from the terms of a zoning ordinance if the variance is not contrary to the public interest ...

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